Discover 4 of the Major Plumbing Emergencies in Most Homes Today


Plumbing problems are some of the inevitable issues most homeowners face today. Most of the emergency plumbing problems are hard to ignore and you can’t handle them on your own. You need to hire qualified and experienced plumbers who know the right skills and tools to use to fix the problem. Professional plumbers don’t just aim at fixing the problem but fixing it effectively. Here are some of the plumbing issues or problems that can be classified as plumbing emergencies:

A busted pipe is a common emergency plumbing problem. Whenever a plumbing pipe in your house bursts, it will spray water everywhere. If you notice water damage or leaking anywhere at home, you should report it to Dr. Drip Plumbing Professionals immediately. If you ignore the busted pipe, it may lead to floods that may later extensively damage your furniture, flooring, and walls. You could even move things from the flooded section to avoid further damage.

If there are frozen pipes in your home, you should call a plumber immediately since it’s an emergency with severe repercussions. Most people experience the problem of frozen pipes during the cold winters. Whenever pipes freeze, the water contained inside the pipe expands due to the effect of changing its state from liquid to ice. This becomes a serious problem that hinders water flow, especially during cold winter days. Hiring a professional plumber in good time ensures the pipes are defrosted before they burst and properly insulated to ensure they don’t freeze again.

Homeowners with clogged drains should also consider the problem a plumbing emergency. Although you may be tempted to think you can fix clogged drains on your own, it’s something that doesn’t always happen. Some of the drain cleaners such as the caustic chemicals and products you may buy to unclog the drains may not be effective. In fact, the caustic chemicals may only end up damaging the inner section of your pipes. Hiring an emergency plumber prevents water damage, flooding, and overflow caused by clogged drains. For more information, you may also check

With an overflowing toilet, you definitely have a serious plumbing emergency. Overflowing toilets are not only unsanitary but also nasty. If your efforts to stop an overflowing toilet get futile, contact an emergency plumber immediately. Although you may find it an embarrassing situation, you should know that most emergency plumbers have experienced worse situations than that.

With this in mind, you now know that plumbing problems can be quite distressing. Again, you shouldn’t ignore a plumbing problem since its effects may be regrettable and expensive to correct. Most of these plumbing problems lead to the deteriorated health of your family if not fixed in good time, learn more here!


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